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Adult Classes, Kids Holiday Workshops, Specialist workshops such as watercolour and encaustic, plus Guided Painting ( also available as on line classes)

Adult Classes

Students with any level of ability or experience are welcome. I encourage the majority of students to start at the beginning then I make sure you don't miss anything. My teaching style is to tell you everything I know to help you achieve the best possible outcome. I believe in giving you the benefit of my experience and making sure you learn in an organised and methodical way. Each class builds on the one before. I give you bite-sized chunks information so that you learn, process and practice then move forward with confidence. Learning how to draw and paint isn't easy but with the right tuition you can absolutely learn how. You will gain confidence as you learn and your skills improve. Classes are friendly and supportive. Check out my blog post for my philosophy on adults learning to draw

Kids Classes

Holiday workshops are usually themed with a famous artist, art movement or technique. The kids go home with some fantastic work having learned that art isn’t just tame photorealism, they can make inspired and beautiful work and there are many ways to approach creativity.

Check out my blog post for a detailed description of the how, why and what of holiday workshops.

Guided Painting

A class for adults and older teens.

You get fully illustrated instructions plus on one guidance to make your version of the class image. It's a bit like those Paint and Sip classes except you get way more help and will learn a lot about painting. The images are all from my original work so another bonus is, none of the cliched images typical of the "party" classes.

The beauty of this class is you learn about paint mixing, application, and how to work with value with a lot of the hard stuff done for you. 

Great for beginners and those who would like to learn more about painting in acrylic

Specialist Workshops

Includes but not limited to Encaustic, Watercolour and Mindfulness and Printmaking.

check out my blog posts

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