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Helen Evans
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I have been painting individual images to commission for more than 25 years. I love them. They are fun and I love being able to make an extra special gift for you. Anyone who has been lucky enough to get one is always thrilled.

For my first, I was asked to paint a friend's brother in laws dog who liked to take herself out on an evening around the neighbourhood. She had a name, which I forget but was known as pink lips. The dog was a rescue dog of indeterminate heritage but looked like a pit bull. 

My baby paintings began after I painted 27 small paintings for a show called 9x3 at The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard in 1999. I made a small painting for each letter of the alphabet using animals ( M was for monkey etc.)  plus an extra one. A client who became a friend then asked me to paint her son's name using an animal for each letter. He was called Matthew and it turned into a huge painting. After that, I made paintings for babies on a regular basis, sometimes a single letter and sometimes complete names. I was often commissioned as gifts for baby showers. I mainly used animals for the letters but have painted flowers and Bermudian and Australian icons and animals. 

As my children have grown and I am not in the baby phase so much I now paint for big birthdays and special occasions. Thes paintings usually include the person and everything that makes them an individual. 

If you would like an individual painting get in touch.  I'll send you a list of questions so I can get to know the person better. The process starts with a list of things which make the subject uniquely them. I then research symbols and emblems which represent them. Then I make a few roughs where I design the image. Finally, I paint in gouache on paper. I paint to standard sizes so that you can choose a ready-made frame. During the process, I will communicate with you as much as possible to ensure you get a great result

Prices depend on size and complexity.