Amazing Acrylic : workshop
Amazing Acrylic : workshop
Amazing Acrylic : workshop

Amazing Acrylic : workshop

The Art Train
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Workshops at The Art Train: Trails 2022


This year I have an exciting new workshop for the Trails.

Each Saturday morning for the first 3 weeks of June from 9.30 until 12.30 I will be introducing the wonderful world of acrylic. Acrylic is the perfect paint to play with. You will learn how to make gorgeous surfaces, layers, textures and depth with this often misunderstood paint.

I wasn't a fan of acrylic finding it sticky and unresponisve. Then I discovered mediums and I was hooked. I have been painting with it now for many years and love what I can create.

Acrylic is the perfect paint for beginners and more advanced artists. It is both flexible and forgiving, the perfect paint to experiment with. If you have used acrylic before this workshop will extend your knowledge introducing many of the ways to use this media.

I will be showing you how to mix beautiful colours from the smallest selection, making it so affordable. I will show you how to use mediums, layer colour, glaze, create texture and depth through reductive and additive techniques,  plus masking, stencils, and more.

I will demonstrate many of the ways I use this fabulous paint and lead you through your own painting., so that you go home with a finished piece and some great inspiration for your own practice.

This workshop will be generous and comprehensive. I believe in telling you as much as possibly can.

All materials will be supplied. Just bring water to drink and wear old clothes.

Tea and coffee will be provided.